The Silver Lining

So over the weekend I got to take some pictures of this great band.  I am telling you these guys where a blast to shoot.  We laughed, we cried, we had a good time and have the pictures to prove it.  I did feel sorry for theses guys as we where shooting.  When the day started the weather was great and then the temperature plunged.  Clouds rolled in and took the blue sky away while rains fell to the ground in burst.  Just killed the look the band was going for.  I had been checking the weather the whole way out to Denton, TX.  We where showing good on the weather map and yet it was raining on my windshield.  Once there I had some time to talk with the lead singer.  He was doing a great job managing everything, have to say.  We started off at the court house in old Denton.  Great stone steps withe the guys on them.

IMG 7818 200x300 The Silver Lining

I used a shoot through umbrella to get some soft light on them with out any harsh shadows and cover a large area without draining the flash.  Also I didn’t want to keep the guys out in the cold to long.  We where with out jackets and in the wind.  Thank goodness I didn’t lose a umbrella or flash due to my assistant holding the stand down.  After that we moved over to an empty parking garage and used the softbox to feather the light to the band only.

IMG 7869 300x200 The Silver Lining

Wanted to keep the garage dark.  After the garage we ran over to a park that had a killer bridge we could block off.  I ended up pulling out all the lights on this one.  Using the front to breath light in to their faces on each side and a back light providing a rim light.

IMG 7898 200x300 The Silver Lining

I still want to get some pictures of the guys one on one.  I think That will pull them in just a bit more.  I am working that out with the lead singer and hopefully will get some time set up with them.  Thanks guys.  And if you are in Denton check these guys out they will show you a good time.