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Tires For those that don’t know I have a love for tires.  I feel they tell a great story about how a vehicle is taken care of.  I always try to grab a quick shoot of a tire when no one is watching just for myself.  Here are two new tires that I photographed one is on a plane and the other from a golf cart. ...

Left and Almost Forgotten

Left and Almost Forgotten This is damage you still see around Galveston’s seawall.  Ripped up piers can be found down the seawall.  And yet no one seems to notice that they are looking at where some thing use to be.

Dallas Snow

Dallas Snow Well Dallas iced up and got snow dump all over it.  Four days of being inside and a weekend of cold.  It was fun and different while it lasted.  But I’m glad its gone, for I can now walk outside with out freezing.  Here are some pictures for the cold snap.

Galveston’s Old Building

Galveston’s Old Building I enjoy walking around town with historic buildings.  They always seem to have something we are missing and don’t fully understand about them.

Small Town Feel

Small Town Feel I enjoy the smalls towns of Texas.  They preserve their historic buildings more so then any big city.  Walking down the street in them just makes you feel as though you are walking down a old dusty sidewalk.  I can’t get over the great looks of the buildings the details that are accented that you never seen in new buildings.  I recommend every one to travel to a town with historic roots and spend the afternoon walking around the square.  Here is a recent picture from a trip to Fredericksburg...

Missing Light

Missing Light Being a friend some times means standing out side in the freezing cold taking pictures that you don’t want to because its cold and 12 at night. But when asked I took my chances and pulled a hail marry out of my hat and went for it. John asked if I could take a pictures of these reindeer that he has been making to sell. Before he had to deliver them at church the next day. Where he was going to deliver 2 sets and flyers. I agreed and forgot that it was 11PM when I said sure I can help you. Well he got to decorating the reindeer and I was looking for lights. I knew I couldn’t...

Cool Drink

Cool Drink So this past weekend we did a run through hill county in Texas.  It is a beautiful area.  We stop at the spoetzl brewery and got to take the tour.  Great place. 

Warm faces

Warm faces Lauren was holding her niece during our last visit and Kayley was just looking in awe at her brother.  I just can’t get over her face here.

A slice of light

A slice of light This past weekend I was in Houston visiting some family.  While down there one of the boys had a karate demo.  The power went out in the room and they had to open a side door that lead outside.  The lighting turned out great along with the photos. 

Air Show

Air Show I was invited to the air show that took place at Alliance airport.  For me the experience was a bit overwhelming.  We got there in time to see some of the older planes flying around showing off.  Then we got a spot to see the F-22 Raptor and the blue angles.  All in all I think the day was worth the sun burn I got.  Thanks Dave for the...
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