Twilight hour

Twilight hour

Brent told me he wanted to get a couple of pictures to make him look like he was part of the Twilight crew.  I said sure no problem.  We went right at the break of night and I shot away.  I used a orange gel on the flash and had it zoom out to 17mm at about 16-32 power.  I set the camera to Tungsten to bring out some of the blues.  Then I under exposed by about 2-3 stops.  I just kept the feathered light from the softbox hitting him to I always kept the softbox pointed off to the left or right of him.  Not an easy task when the wind is blowing and Brent is running around.

IMG 1027 Twilight hour

Brent became a vimpire.

IMG 1046 Twilight hour

Brent still wild as a vampire.