Snowy Aftermath

Now that the snow has melted and there is this cold front that is hanging above us. For those that didn’t know in Dallas, Tx we had 12.5 inches of snow. That just so happened to be before my birthday. And even on it there was snow and I was able to make a snowman. How many people living in Dallas can say that. The snow was like this awesome fill card at night. While driving around at night the whole sky was brighter. I was shocked to see how clean and crisp every thing looked. And then in the day light it was so clear and beautiful. I was sad to see it melt away. But it is for the better. We had horrible power outages and trees falling on house, roads and every thing else. Car ports where falling on cars and cars where sliding around. I did manage to enjoy the time I was stuck inside. I have a new archive system with new media. I also have had some time to look at photos again and allow them some new life in my digital picture frame. I think every one should have one some where. Its not a huge investment but a good way to show off some photos that you wouldn’t get to hang on the wall because they don’t match the room. If you guys know what I mean. Once again I am out the door, thanks for stopping by.