Passing on a photoshoot

Last night I did the un thinkable and had to pass on going to a photoshoot. My good friend Mike asked me if I wanted to go shoot a highschool basketball game. Sports photography is always fun and when shooting highschool you can get a little closer and different angles. That you can’t when shooting pro or college because of rules. I was excited about the shoot until Mike gave me the time. I was unable to go now due to another appointment I made the day before. All my excitement died and I was really bummed about not getting in on the action. While talking with Mike today he told me that the basketball game was canceled due to the gym being flooded. Apparently the gym has so much snow on the roof that when it melted the water and had no where to go but through the roof. I couldn’t believe what Mike was telling me. This is one of those times I was so glad I passed on going to the shoot. I was able to make it to my other appointment a little early and get out of there right on time. That wouldn’t have happened if I had agreed to do some pictures at the highschool. Has anyone else passed on a photoshoot to do some thing no photo related?