Spector’s Gun Collection

I got to shoot this super talented cover band called Spector’s Gun collection. These guys are all in multiple bands and they just rock. This all came about while I was talking with my great friend Mike. He was telling me about how this band needed to update their images on their website. Mike asked me if I wanted to come along and help him out. His assistant was out of the country at the time so I couldn’t help but to say yes. After arriving on location Mike informs me of a huge problem. He had left all of his light stands and umbrellas at home. Luckily I had already thought about the what if factor and tossed a few stands in the car. We started setting up and waiting for the band. The location was a sloping ally with a chain link fence at the bottom. Along the sides was a cream building and a grassy area. The idea was to have the band standing together in front of the fence. We popped out my traveling soft-box and set it up on a stand camera right. Then mounted a flash on a super clamp camera right on a chain holder in the grassy area for a top light. And we used a bare flash on a stand in line with the soft-box camera right.

IMG 6837 Spectors Gun Collection

There you can see a behind the scenes look. Mike started working the members of the band for some great faces and smiles. He was directing like a champ but was not getting the look he wanted. I made some changes to the flashes and re aimed our “hair light.” When Mike decided to come in low and close. The pictures where amazing at that angle. All in it was a great shoot, we kept the band as long as we could before they had to hop on stage. The band kindly invited us to watch the show and how can you say no.
IMG 6882 Spectors Gun Collection